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Plus Sized Pregnancy

A Place For BBW Moms To Network

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This is a community for plus sized women who are pregnant or trying to conceive. This is a place where we can rant, rave and worry about our babies to be and share stories of previous pregnancies. Non pregnant partners (male or female) are more than welcome to join.

THE RULES: Any violations of these rules will result in being warned once, then banned from the group if the behavior continues.

- No flaming or attacking someone for how they believe.
- This is NOT a dating site. Don't ask to "hook up" with one of the ladies just because you happen to find her attractive and can't "knock her up"
- One picture is allowed per post. Any pictures past the first must be posted behind an LJ CUT. If you do not know how to do this, don't hesitate to ask! :)
- No posting ads for other communities that have nothing to do with this one. If you aren't sure, ask the mod(s)

*~*Not affiliated with the follwowing websites*~*

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Mod/Maintainer ~ paganpiratemama