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Im nearly 200lbs and unexpectadly pregnant with my second. When I had my first I was roughly in the 160s/170s to start. I'm a bit nervous. I don't want to gain too much but I also want to gain enough. Did any of you not gain very much and the baby was okay? I'd appreciate any advice for a bigger girl who got pregnant!
I was in my mid 200's for both my pregnancies. For my first I gained 22lbs and my second I gained 25lbs. For both I ate very well, very balance but was VERY careful about not eating too much crap/junk. Both babies were very healthy and still are. Don't starve yourself, just eat healthy. End of pregnancy is the only time you really truly need the extra calories (and for breast feeding)
Hey I am only 5 weeks or so.. I've lost 6 pounds since I got pregnant (I quit eating fast food & drinking soad).. I spent some time with the nutritionist yesterday and she said she would like me to gain 15 to 25 pounds starting in my 2nd trimester.. I've probably got 100lbs on you so that might be a bit much tho..