I appologize if this is not allowed. 
I have some clothing to sell now that my daughter is 6 months old and I know I won't be having any more babies. I paid approx $800 for everything and would love to get $400 for the lot (or give me your best offer) or $15 for each item (items 11 thru 14 - $5 an item). I have pictures of everything if you are interested but my internet is on the "light" setting so it may take me a few days to email them all if you want to see them. If you are interested email me at sagesseabiona@gmail.com 
I am in Ontario Canada and I know that the shipping is approx $20 to ship across Canada for the lot.

Nursing Bra's
1 - White Nursing bra. Zips undone. Size 42H (and possibly 40G but it belongs to Sasha so I'm not sure)
2 - White Nursing bra. Clasp undone. Size 46E
Size 2X shirts
3 - Blue Pastel stripes. 3/4 length sleeves
4 - Black stretch fabric. Full sleeves
5 - Wine/burgundy button-down. Short sleeves
6 - 60's inspired tank
7 - White V neck t-shirt
Size 3X shirts
8 - Red floral - 3/4 length sleeves
9 - Black & White (table cloth pattern...what is that gingham?) tank
10 - Blue floral. Short sleeves
11 - Green floral. Short sleeves (has small hole near centre of cleavage due to my safety pin to hold it closed. Easy to mend)
12 - Blue floral tank. (Has small hole near centre of cleavage due to my safety pin to hold it closed. Easy to mend)
13 - Beige. Caped sleeves (has two small white paint spots on front)
14 - Blue button down. Long sleeves. Minor bleach damage
15 - White button down. Long sleeves
16 - Black and White striped dress shirt. Short sleeves
17 - 2 piece baby doll bathing suite (table cloth pattern...what is that gingham?)
18 - Red cap-sleeve tank
Size 2X pants
19 - Beige casual capri
20 - Black dress pant
21 - Kaki casual pant
Size 3X pants
22 - Black pinstripe Capri
23 - White capri
24 - Brown dress pant
25 - Beige casual pant
26 - Black shiny dress pant
27 - Black shorts