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Alright im scared at the moment, i just got out of the shower and pulled my night pants up. I felt a small gush of fluid like perhaps if i just accidently pee'ed myself... im like ok an sat on the toilet for a moment and gave a real pee just to be sure....i stood back up again and felt a light trickle im not too sure if it came from my vagina or from the other....so i sat again an dried off....stood back up an small trickle again...i dont know if this means my water broke or not....im only 35w1d right now (5 weeks till im actually due). This is my first baby so im frightend and confused right now. I had been experiencing a bit of back pain earlier today around oh 5 or 6ish pm like ive been standing too long or i just moved too much, i dont know if that means ive been contracting or what, like i said this is my first so i have nooooo clue what contractions feel like. I just wanted to check here to see if i should wake the husband and call the hospital or what...i really wanted to be on mat leave first before the baby decided to show...or at least a few more weeks along. what should i do? am i in labor? Did my water actually just break?

btw baby is moving at the moment...so i know she is ok...
Definitely call the hospital and ask them if they want you to come in. They can test the fluid to see if it's amniotic fluid or not. Better safe than sorry.
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