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Im nearly 200lbs and unexpectadly pregnant with my second. When I had my first I was roughly in the 160s/170s to start. I'm a bit nervous. I don't want to gain too much but I also want to gain enough. Did any of you not gain very much and the baby was okay? I'd appreciate any advice for a bigger girl who got pregnant!
Does anyone know why bbws_ttc was deleted? :(
I appologize if this is not allowed. 
I have some clothing to sell now that my daughter is 6 months old and I know I won't be having any more babies. I paid approx $800 for everything and would love to get $400 for the lot (or give me your best offer) or $15 for each item (items 11 thru 14 - $5 an item). I have pictures of everything if you are interested but my internet is on the "light" setting so it may take me a few days to email them all if you want to see them. If you are interested email me at sagesseabiona@gmail.com 
I am in Ontario Canada and I know that the shipping is approx $20 to ship across Canada for the lot.

If you are plus sized and expecting in the Spring or Summer, this is the lot for you!

All items are sized 2x or 3x and either new with tags or gently used.

All maternity items are Fashion Bug Maternity or Motherhood Maternity.

If purchased new and separately, this lot would cost well over $300!
You're getting a great deal at $150 (does not include shipping) and saving a lot of time shopping for clothes!
Prices are negotiable! Make me an offer!

I do have PayPal and prefer to work with that rather than checks/cash unless you live local to me (I'm in Akron, OH)

Large photos of all items (including closeups of prints) may be seen here:

Included are:
- 4 pair of long jeans in varying styles
- 1 pair of capri jeans
- 2 tank style tops
- 1 t shirt (light blue with baby foot prints and words "What's Kicking?")
- 1 dressy ivory lacy tie back blouse
- 5 tie back blouses in various styles/colors
- 1 long sleeve tie back blouse (black & white print)
- 1 tie back dress size 22/24 in brown/teal floral print.
The dress was not intended as maternity wear, but is very roomy and I wore it up to 38wks.

Hi Mods, I have 2 plus sized maternity bras that I no longer need... would I be able to make a sales post to advertise them? There was nothing mentioned in the Rules to indicate sales posts were a no-no.

Alright im scared at the moment, i just got out of the shower and pulled my night pants up. I felt a small gush of fluid like perhaps if i just accidently pee'ed myself... im like ok an sat on the toilet for a moment and gave a real pee just to be sure....i stood back up again and felt a light trickle im not too sure if it came from my vagina or from the other....so i sat again an dried off....stood back up an small trickle again...i dont know if this means my water broke or not....im only 35w1d right now (5 weeks till im actually due). This is my first baby so im frightend and confused right now. I had been experiencing a bit of back pain earlier today around oh 5 or 6ish pm like ive been standing too long or i just moved too much, i dont know if that means ive been contracting or what, like i said this is my first so i have nooooo clue what contractions feel like. I just wanted to check here to see if i should wake the husband and call the hospital or what...i really wanted to be on mat leave first before the baby decided to show...or at least a few more weeks along. what should i do? am i in labor? Did my water actually just break?

btw baby is moving at the moment...so i know she is ok...

You can make a count down for your baby that show development of the baby! To bad i'm not preggers!!!
The link below has photos of what I'm selling. I think I posted this before, but my internet was down for a while, so I'm not sure if anyone replied. The prices are OBO and if anyone would like to buy the lot it's $180. They are all either 2x or 3x (pants are all 3x I think). I had my baby in late April, so some of the more summery things are still new with tags, but I wore everything that doesn't have tags through the winter with a sweater and they worked out just fine :)


If you're interested, please email me directly at paganpiratemama @ yahoo dot com

Had my 39 week MW appt yesterday.

My blood pressure was a little high, which doesn't surprise me as I was pretty much yelling at my son for the entire day... he was doing EVERYTHING he wasn't supposed to today and I had NO patience for any of it.

Baby's heartbeat was good, around 140's, head is engaged again (Yay)...so I don't have to call them right away if my water happens to break before I'm in the final stretch.

The MW explained the BPP (bio physical profile) to me after I told her the other didn't and explained that they would only recommend I go 8 or so days past due before they induce due to increased risks of 'xyz'. 

Otherwise if I'm still around next week they would do a sweep & stretch (of the membranes) to see if they couldn't get things going... but I'm still hoping I go on my own in the next few days (Pllleeeeeaaaaaaaasssseeeee, I'm so tired of being pregnant!)
Hello Ladies,

I am looking for one of these monitors to try and achieve pregnancy, but simply do not have the $300 to buy one brand new.

Does anyone have one that they no longer need and would be willing to sell?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!


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